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Re: Wish-list (!object nums)

On Sat, 24 Aug 1996, Patrick Harris (aka Bastian) wrote:

> BZZT.  I'm sorry.  You are incorrect.  Certainly, if it were *that* easy,
> yyou could do it.  But, hell, man!  What you want to do is to write
> something totally different.  *EVERYTHING* about moo is related to object
> numbers.  Literally.  The server, the code, the builtins, the programming
> previously done, is BASED ON OBJNUMS.  What you propose cannot be done
> with the scope of MOO, without starting over again and rewriting it.
> Which would no longer be MOO!

I beg to differ.  Although I do agree with what you said in principle, 
saying a redesign would no longer be MOO, I believe to be incorrect.

MOO stands for Mud Object Orientated, not whatever conceptions of it you 
may or may not have.  Lets remember that LambdaMOO (both server and core) 
are not the originals, but Pavel's creation following the above 

Just my two neural pathways worth.



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