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Re: Visible Exits on MOO

You need a way to tell players what exits are in the room. I nice idea is 
to put a :tell_exits verb on #3 that tell the players the exits, then put 
in this:tell_exits(); in #3:look_self. 

Here's a sample of :tell_exit code:

if (this.exits=={})
return player:tell("There are no obvious exits.");
for x in (this.exits)
if (x.obvious)
msg={@msg,tostr(, " to ",};
player:tell("Exits: ", $string_utils:english_list(msg), ".");

On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, Dan Knapp wrote:

>         Hi. I have a problem with my rooms. Whenever I walk into a room, I
> just get the contents, and the description. That's not what I want. Well,
> actually, I do want it to list those things, but I also want the obvious
> exits. I checked the .obvious property on the exits, and they are infact 1.
> How can I make them listed?


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