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Re: Robots

> From:          BeLFrY <>
> On Thu, 29 Aug 1996, Geoffrey King wrote:
> > Can anyone give some pointers where i can find some
> > bots - written in moocode.
> Erk... sorry... I act. meant the tutorial for roaming iguana's...  but a 
> bot should not be too hard to create - what purpose(s) did you have in mind?
> BeLFrY

I was toying with the idea of simple non-human players - androids ?. 
In RPG/AD&D terms i mean NPCs (non-player characters) or if you 
rather - objects with human like responsibilities and actions. 
I am not trying to reproduce accurate human behaviour, rather a 
suggestion of such.

For example something like a police officer. Which can be dispatched 
to arrest unruly players or other 'droids. It would respond to a series 
of simple questions. which probably should be available under @exam or 
some simple command so people know how to deal with it. 

(I have never liked needing to guess what verbs an object understands).

It also strikes me that player might these command to themselves so 
that they could be mistaken for a droid.

I guess people should be fooled only initially, or if they don't 
interact directly.

In coding terms i suppose i would build a base class called 
automaton, which has a protocol for adding goals and verbs. The thing 
would make use of fork so it can act independently.
(I am not interested in running it in a busy environment like LambdaMOO)

Any thoughts? Any Code?

--Geoffrey King--Software Engineer--Ice T Multimedia--

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