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OS/2 moo

        I have ported the Lambda moo server to an OS/2 platform and
currently have it limping along using net_single only.  I do however have a
couple of problems that you all might be able to help me with.

I found the earlier thread regarding crypt and its source availability with
the linux distribution.  I looked at the distribution and quickley realized
the amount of time it would take me to find crypt in all of those files
would be problematic at best.  If someone could at least point me to the
correct file set or even (horrors) send me a source copy of crypt I would be
eternally gratefull.  I do want this port to be bidirectionally database
compatible with the unix based moo.  So you can understand my desire for the
source to crypt.

The other problem is that the port will parse and load the Lambdacore data
base just fine and seems to be all there.  However, I get a traceback on help.

#20:trimr, line 6: Range error
... called from #6:?* help info*rmation @help (this == #2), line 4

I can @list #20:trimr and it looks exactly the same as the code from the
lambda core loaded on my sun. Listing #6:help results in a list of the help
code exactly as it lists on the sun.  Obviously I have a problem with the
port.  I tried to debug through the server to find the problem from within
but that was  painfull. (all due respect Mr. Curtis)  If I could get just a
smidgen of guidance I can nail this problem and go on to getting this thing
network ready.  I am not by any means a moo programming expert, so be gentle.

Thanks in advance for your help.        bkj.....

Brian K. Jackson         who?
Tensar Inc.              what?  Software Engineering & Consulting Services
Salt Lake City, Utah     where?  why!?!

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