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www+moo, WOOM, listassoc, $web, help!!!

I think the subject says it all.  :)   Really, I'm trying to set up an 
experimental moo+web site.  The web part of it is to be a main part of 
the project.  

I've been looking at various implementations of www+moo, but unfortunatly 
I don't have access to sensemedia (except snow, but I don't have 
$programmer bit).  I also tried to boot up the WOOM.db, after installing 
the little (asumed required) patches (support for pem I believe).  That 
failed miserbaly when the server couldn't parse the db (unknown built-in: 
listassoc, which I tried to patch from a '92 moo-cows godnet posting, 
again failure).

Can anyone lend a hand, point me to an ftp site with $web/$login/etc...  
or anything?


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