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The WebMOO I've been promising...

A while back I told everyone that a team of MIT students (including me)
developed a different WebMOO approach.

A lot of people were interested in this, but we were not ready to
show anything. Well, we are ready now. The priimary developer is
now Lt. Stuart Gaudet, and he's doing this for his masters thesis.

The project was actually developed by about 3-4 dedicated programmers
over the course of about 3 months. Development was continued by
Lt. Gaudet during the summer and I believe the project is now 
worth viewing.

Warning, you'll need Mosaic 2.6 or greater. Netscape or other
browsers wont work. Any Mosaic less than 2.6 will not work.
This is because the project uses CCI capability which is relatively

One more thing. This represents the hard work of dedicated programmers.
PLEASE respect this. In some cases this represents our ticket to
graduation! Please, please please, if you see a bug inform, or me Please do not perform
and destructive or malicious acts on the system. Anyone who does
will be hunted down by a former SEALS agent and several mad
programmers (which one is more scary?).

Well, without further ado, tune your web browsers to:

Adam Skwersky
co-developer of NinjaMOO

PS: you dont need Mosaic 2.6 just to browse the extensive project
information. If you dont have the required web browser you
can still read about what we've done. Hope you like it.

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