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Re: Quick Question [ANSI]

At 2:38 PM 9/6/95, Kipp the Kidd wrote:
>On Wed, 6 Sep 1995, Matt Pauker wrote:
>> >example:
>> >  cnotify(this, "^[[;H^[[J");   => clear the screen
>> I personally don't think this is a very good idea - If someone typed a ^ in
>> a say/emote/something similar (Like if they said '5^3 == 125', it would be
>> interpreted as a control character - Not good. :)
>Maybe that's why it's a seperate function?  In case people want to use a
>^ in their sentences, notify() is still available, unhacked.
>- Kipp

Yes, but how are you going to decide what verbs should call notify() and
what verbs should call cnotify()?  For example, some people might want to
use ANSI color when they say something, but if you hack #3:say() to call
cnotify() (Or a verb that calls cnotify()), then people can't use ^ when
they say something.
As I said, the best solution is probably just to change the ^ to something
a little more obscure...

Matt Pauker

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