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Announce: LPMOO 1.2

This is a followup to the earlier 1.2b6 announcement this week.

Version 1.2 of LPMOO has now been released, and is available from in the directory /pub/mud/servers/lpmoo.

This version is no longer beta, and it is recommended that all previous
versions be upgraded.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback contributing to this release.

>> If you're running LPMOO or thinking about running LPMOO, please stop
   by MirrorMOO and check the official List of Sites Running LPMOO. If
   your site isn't on the list, please consider adding it. If you're not
   running LPMOO but would like to learn more about people's practical
   experience with it, the list will give you some points of contact.

MirrorMOO's address is: 8889.

Robert Leslie (Verement@MirrorMOO)

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