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Re: Database editors

> While on the subject of database information,  is there any chance after
> this info is compiled that somebody will take the time to write a nice
> UNIX or DOS database editor?  Reason why I ask this is somebody ported MOO
> over to DOS (can't remember who it was), and it worked out alright, but
> I couldn't get the core db to load up on it -- too much memkory.  A database

This is all fine and dandy, but this program would have two purposes in 
my book:
1. setting an object's wizard bit
2. programming $sys:server_started, and adding it if necessary.

Any and all other manlipuliations should be done from within the 
LambdaMOO server, since that is the best db editor that there is.  The 
program you mention would ideally only be used in the above two cases, 
because if you can't fix some problem with the db using the above two 
cases, then you shouldn't be messing with the db file anyway.

On the Dos MOO memory thing, you shouldn't be running a MOO, even a 
single user MOO, on a machine that has less than 12 megs of memory, IMO.

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