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Re: object dating

Linda Polin drew these hieroglyphs:
> Is there a way to tell the date/time a player's objects were created or
> last modified? Obj#'s recycle and so numerical order doesn't work.
> Linda

There's no support for this in-server, but it's not too hard to add.
You can modify #1:initialize() and add this line:

this.creation_date = time();

This will work as long as all :initialize() verbs on objects use
pass().  If you don't absolutely _have_ to have it set on all new
objects (:initialize() verbs that crash or don't pass() will not set
it) then that will be fine.

Otherwise, you should modify $recycler:_create, $recycler:_recreate
and in the case of byte quota, $quota_utils:bi_create.  If you're
using object quota, you'd have to either trust that :initialize() will
work, or protect create() and use a wiz-permed wrapper that sets the
creation time.


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