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Re: Removing #100:""

Coolin MacKaarmick drew these hieroglyphs:
> An overenthusiastic use of set_verb_info() led me to rename a verb to the 
> empty string.   Thankfully I had another copy of the code, but I would 
> like to be rid of the now-useless verb #100:"".
> @rmverb #100:  and  @rmverb #100:""  don't work.
> ;delete_verb(#100, "")  doesn't work.

; delete_verb(#100, tostr(("" in verbs(#100)) - 1))

don't forget that ` -1 ' in there -- verbs are numbered starting at
ZERO, not one.  (This is inconsistent with the rest of the MOO
language and ought to be changed, IMO)

Also IMO, the server should not allow blank verb names.



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