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Re: Database editors

Ok.... I'm new to the list, have so far lurked, and am really
new to MOO administration (wizarding).

If there's a nice handy FAQ with the answer to this question I'd love
it. :) just point me at it.

I'm sure it's a silly question that's been aswered a thousand times...
but I don't know the answer... and embarrassing as it may be, I must

how _do_ you change a player's password????

I haven't figured it out yet, so when one of our users forgets
their password... i have to make a whole new character for them.
there HAS to be a better/easier/correct way.

And i'm sure once I know what it is it'll seem obvious... but I assure
you, to someone brand new to this, it is NOT obvious! (and I'm even
a fairly clue-full sort of person and good at figuring these things out
on my own most of the time).


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