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Re: Builtins [LPMOO]

>>>   - allow any unknown() to exist, and bind the function at runtime; perhaps
>>>     redirect it to #0:unknown()
>>By far the best idea.  Then maybe raise E_BFNF if the verb isn't on #0.
>>This will allow you to write some nifty things that seem like builtins,
>>just to be compatable with other LambdaMOO builtins...
>This is all fine and dandy, but doesn't this idea then lead to the bfs
> server_started(), do_login_command(), etc?  While you should have security
> in those verbs to make sure they are server tasks, it'll just be messy.
> Perhaps redirecting them to $bf or something.  But that has other problems
> as well... mmh...

How about making unknown() into #0:bf_unknown() ?

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