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OTHER: ethernet and mounting (was Re: Database Editors)

>IMHO I don't see any reason for there -not- to be a database
>editing program, despite Andrew [Bakun]'s points (which had some merit, I
>might add).  Password/wizbit things are perfectly good for this, and if you
>are running a MOO over a local Ethernet network it might be a good idea to 
>have something like this to just move the database over or even NFS/Samba
>mount it.

I'm missing why a db editor would be necessary for mounting a fs and/or loading
the db under some other OS.  MMh... yes, a db editor COULD be used to make a db
useable under other OS, if it's too big, but if the server can't load up a db
because of memory, how is an editor gonna load it up?  Might as well just
load a new core in a server that has enough memory, edit it, dump it, and
use move it over.

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