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Re: LPMOO general query

At 3:09 AM 9/17/95, Kirrily Robert (Skud) - MOO Admin wrote:
>I'm sure it's been asked before, but I'm asking again, I guess.
>Is there an LPMOO FAQ, and if so where.  If not, could someone please
>fill me in on the following:
>Under what circumstances does LPMOO take lsess RAM?  Is this dependent
>on database size, and if so, at what point does it become less
>effective?  What disadvantages are there (if any) in terms of
>I ask this because the system administrator on my system (it's a small
>linux system) is concerned about the amount of RAM that's being chewed
>by the MOO, and wants to know whether LPMOO would be better.

There isn't really an LPMOO FAQ, although almost all the information you'd
want to know is in the lpmoo-1.x/doc/ directory.  If there's enough
interest (And Rob thinks it's a good idea), maybe I'll compile the
information into one big FAQ...

As for your question:

LPMOO's RAM usage is dependent on a number of factors.  The easiest way to
adjust RAM usage is through the swap_fragment setting in etc/
swap_fragment determines how many objects will be swapped out every cycle -
If your swap_fragment is 64, 1/64 of the objects in the swap file will be
swapped out.  If it's 32, 1/32 will be swapped out.  So, in other words,
the larger you make the swap_fragment, the fewer objects will be swapped
out, resulting in more RAM usage.  Realize, though, that the smaller you
make your swap_fragment, although it will use less RAM, the more CPU usage
you'll have.  So, basically, swap_fragment allows you to adjust how much
RAM your MOO will use, and how much CPU it will use - Mess around with it
to see where you like it.

RAM usage, however, is *not* affected by DB size.  It's affected by DB
usage - In other words, how many active users you have online, and what
they're doing.  When more objects (And verbs) are being accessed by online
users (Directly and indirectly), more objects are in the swapfile, and RAM
usage will go up.  But you can have a DB with 1,000,000 objects, and if
there aren't a lot of active users online, there's going to be very little
RAM usage.

Hopefully this was helpful...And if I am incorrect somwhere, please correct
me :)

Matt Pauker

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