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SERVER: panic - unhandled exception

My moo (a very quiet and small one..)  panicked with
Sep 19 11:04:18: ACCEPT: #-402 on 8 from, port 2129
Sep 19 11:04:33: CONNECTED: Daydreamer (#652) on 8 from, port 2129
Sep 19 11:04:40: *** PANIC: Unhandled exception!
Sep 19 11:04:40: PANIC-DUMPING on ...
Sep 19 11:05:23: PANIC-DUMPING on finished

I'm running 1.7.8p1 with the ident patch, but the patch was 
put on weeks ago.  Last thing wizardly I did was unblacklist a site about
5 mins before the panic.

So I restarted, unblacklisted again, and bingo - server panic.

It could also be something to do with the user Daydreamer, who was
logged on when it went the second time too.

So where do I start looking?
DO I need to worry?  How can I find out more?



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