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Re: 1.7.9/1.8.0

Timothy C. Brown writes:
> What will 1.7.9 have that 1.7.8p4 doesn't, and does this bring us a LOT 
> closer to 1.8 or just a little?

The ChangeLog.txt entry for 1.7.9 is 165 lines long, with over 30 significant
new features or bug fixes.  When the release comes out later in the week, I
will, as usual, post the ChangeLog.txt entry as part of the announcement.

I am currently engaged in (1) doing the many test compiles on many platforms
that are part of every release, and (2) trying to get the LambdaMOO
Programmer's Manual brought completely up to date for this release.  I will be
making the release of the server before finishing the manual, but I'm hoping to
actually *do* the manual release this time; after it's been over two *years*
since the last one.



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