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Re: Monitoring on MOOs and wizards' roles

>   I'd like to address the issue of wizards using their power to monitor 
> people through the use of #0:do_command and other such devices.  Is this 
> morally wrong?  I'd like to hear what people think about the use of 
> things like this that are in use at places such as CaxyMOO and HT (last 
> time I checked).
>   Comments, anyone?

Morally wrong? No. People should know that the Internet is a place for 
anything but privacy. It would be polite, however, to let them know that 
they are being monitored. Things of great secrecy shouldn't be discussed 
on the Internet, on the phone, or even in a letter. Lets be real, the 
only pretty-sure way to tell anyone anything in secret is to go up to 
them, take them away from people, and whisper it in their ear.

If a MOO wants to put up monitoring devices, fine, there is the Federal 
Communications Privacy Act of 1986 that states that operators can monitor 
the usage of their system, but it would be polite to be told so.


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