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Re: Monitoring on MOOs and wizards' roles

On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Kenny Root wrote:

>   I'd like to address the issue of wizards using their power to monitor 
> people through the use of #0:do_command and other such devices.  Is this 
> morally wrong?  I'd like to hear what people think about the use of 
> things like this that are in use at places such as CaxyMOO and HT (last 
> time I checked).
>   Comments, anyone?

Well, I think 'logging' totally unappropraite...  I have seen set-ups
where commands are logged on your character and you can access your
command buffer, but that isn't really logging... unless some wiz peeks at
it. do_command itself I don't think was created for logging, but more for
things like in-db parsing, stuff that can't be done in verbs, catching
crackers, etc.  In the past, I set up logs on Guests, says and emotes
excluded, because they're usually newbies, and they may need help on
whatever command they're trying to type.  Like when you tell them page
<player> with <message> and they complain that it says 'kipp' is not the
name of any player because they're typing page <kipp> with <hello???>...
I've only used this once or twice, got bored with it, and removed the
feature.  When NetBlazer was eating MOO2000, we did log commands, but told
everyone else to stop talking about stuff they may wanna hide from the
archwiz :>

- Kipp

PS for all the loggers-- I would never go to a MOO that logs my commands! 


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