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Greetings for everyone!

I'm compiling the 78p4 here in Brazil, and I'm tackling a problem I know 
is very common, and floods this list (sorry, folks!). The problem is 
with the sqrt file. I had some hints, from a pal in E_MOO: it should be 
necessary add a math lib, like the fix that was made for AU/X. After the 
`sh configure', one have to edit the Makefile and add `-lm' to the 
linker flags. I know have a lot of -Lxxx for search, and I'm not a MOO 
geek (I'm not even a UNIX weenie - and _this_ awake rage from people who 
are ahead, and this means flames, etc etc etc). I swear I tryied fix that 
problem, but I flop. That's why I'm turning on my last resort: The 
MOO-COWS list. Anyone knows what I have to do for compile my MOO? I know 
the code was written in a idiot-proof basis, but...

Thank you very much for a possible feed-back...


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