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inheritance bug

> LambdaMoo server  1.7.8p4 and the oct db.  Downloaded, but  @create 
> $thing called "bob" is not given the same bits as $thing.. why? 

Bits are -never- inherited.  Property values are, via clear properties,
but bits never are.

> It says in the prog manual that it should.. 

Actually, the Programmer's Manual says specifically what newly-created
objects' bits will be set to (see the documentation on create() in the
section "Fundamental Operations" in the section "Manipulating Objects").
None of the bits are inherited.

> I presume there is a patch since other MOOs already established work fine..

Lord, I hope not.  Children of wizard objects shouldn't be wizardly
(necessarily) and children of fertile objects shouldn't automatically be

Seth / Blackbriar

Seth I. Rich
Woo, woo!  OpalMOO's back!       There is nothing more precious than
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