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Problems with task quote on 1.7.9 alpha

Running the old version of the core, where the housekeeper's code belongs to hacker, and having installed a task quota for normal users of 20, I was surprised when, after a certain amount of time running, I was surprised when the task was interrupted for being out of quota.

After that, I tried to restart the task I saw, #71:litterbug, and it kept giving me a Resource limit exceeded tb.

I then checked the forked tasks, and hacker didn't have a single task running. Any attempt of creation of tasks by hacker, resulted in same above mentioned traceback.

Some interesting combinations of switching task quota on and off seemed to fix the problem. But, running #71:continuous recreated the same problem. 

I don't have time right now to browse the C source or run more tests, but I wanted to mention the fact that something seems to be wrong with it.

The interesting thing is that a programmer I had testing the fork quota didn't have any problem with it, so the error only happens in particular cases. I will try to investigate more.

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