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Re: Probs compiling 1.7.9 on OSF/1 3.2

Paul A. Mayer writes:
> ------ INSERT -------
> /usr/lib/cmplrs/cc/cfe: Error: parser.y, line 427: redeclaration of 'find_id'; p
> revious declaration at line 43 in file 'parser.y'
>  find_id( char *name)
>  ^
> -------- END --------

It's probably due to your local yacc/bison parser generator using a parser
template that contains the line

	#define const

which it should not do.  I saw this once before with someone who was using an
earlier version of bison.  If the YACC line in the Makefile mentions bison, try
replacing it with

	YACC = yacc

and remaking.

This is really a bug in this earlier version of Bison, and there isn't much I
can do to work around it.


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