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Making a chat room

Hey I am pretty new to MOOs(Monday :), but I have read all the small documents 
I could find, skimmed thru the programmers manual, and browsed help 
for a possible answer to my question:
Here is what I want to do, I want to create a chat room where 
anything that is said is automatically sent to the rest of the ppl in 
the room without having to use " or say or emote etc, just from what 
is typed, what I was thinking of doing was hacking the "huh" verb for 
this room to pass whatever was typed on the command line that doesn't 
match a verb (thus calling huh I believe) to 
this.location:announce_all  I have tried a bunch of things and 
haven't been able to get to this verb the way I want to, what exactly 
do I do?  remember I am kinda new to MOOs and if this a newbie 
question I'm sorry, I checked the docs.  I think it would be nice to 
have a document on cool little hacks of existing verbs, ie making a 
look command in a specific room do something totally different.  I 
have looked as pass(@args) but I think I want to suppress the regular 
behavior of the huh verb ie the message "I don't understand that"
Please help and lead me to some good tutorial documentation (I have 
read all the docs on and the ones in 
/pub/MOO/contrib/docs on xerox.
Chris Black


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