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Re: [SERVER, FUP] File Utilities Package

Madhu Rao <> wrote:
>I am trying to implement "File Utilities Package 1.1 - August '94" for my
>LambdaMOO Server version 1.7.8p4.

FUP version 1.1 is extremely old and outdated. I strongly recommend that
you trash it.
The latest version we've published is 1.6. It works well with LambdaMOO 1.7.8p4.
Soon (maybe even today), I'll release version 1.7, which we've tested with
LambdaMOO 1.7.9alpha1.

>I followed the direction in the
>document. Made all the additions to me header and code files and compiled
>- everything went well. My question now is how to go about
>accessing/utilizing this package.
>I even added the 'file handler'. But am not able to do anything with it.

All the information you need is in the file FUP.README, which is included
in the package. This is, assuming you got the full package.

>I am very new to this. Someone please help, if there is some more info
>you need from me, let me know.

The place to get FUP from is:
You can find there the minimal FUP package with instructions on how to
install it into your MOO, and also MOOFUP, the latest MOO server with FUP
already installed into it.
In addition, there's room for contributions of MOOcode that uses FUP. But
there isn't much there, as people are too lazy to contribute stuff.

There's an extremely quiet mailing list we've set up for announcements and
discussion of FUP stuff. To subscribe,, with the message: subscribe FUP
<your full name>.

Again, FUP 1.7 is almost ready.

Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888

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