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Complaining about upgrading regexp

[much grumbling...]
>Bah, I'd better stop rambling. This looks like it isn't going to be a
>trivial server change.
>It would be great if people posted what changes are needed in LambdaCore.
>Personally, I think this is a huge waste of time. Sometimes, broken seems
>to be better.

How about this:  Replace all your uses of the builtin match() with #0:match().
Make your own builtin old_match() to do what the old builtin match() did
(namely, not work correctly).  Have #0:match() call the builtin old_match(),
until you're gradually able to update all your DB code to properly handle
the changes (by that time, the new match() ought to have its own newly
documented bugs).  This way you can mitigate future headaches, rather than
take out your frustrations on Pavel, who I'm sure has plenty of other things
to do than feel sorry for those of us, like you and me, who designed our
systems with poor support for future changes.  Personally, I'm going to
change all my calls to builtin() with calls to #0:(builtin)() now while my
DB is still small, to avoid the fun later on.  The (minor) loss in code
efficiency will more than make up for the gain in time necessary to upgrade
the DB to match future versions of the server.


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