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Announcement: release of FUP 1.7

I have now made available FUP version 1.7.

Version 1.7 (Sep 30th, 1995)
- Reorganised the internal name handling methods.
- Adapted for working with LambdaMOO 1.7.9alpha1. [Note - a version is
provided also for 1.7.8p4]
- Fixed some portability problems.
- Fixed an error that made the 'files' directory unprotected for writing.
- Added the following compiling variable:

We haven't improved filerun yet, so the same old warning applies:
*** WARNING: filerun() ISN'T fully secure at this stage, and it is provided
*** as an option only for managers of trusted systems.

filerun() will now execute files *only* in <MOO>/bin, but it can still
access any file in the <MOO> hierarchy, including the MOO dbase, logs, etc.
This will change in the future, of course, but is already useful for
trusted systems.

As filerun() isn't secure, it is disabled by default. Those that wish to
use it can uncomment the #define INCLUDE_FILERUN line in files.c.

In addition, we have made filechmod() disabled by default.
*** Notice: if you were using filechmod, you have to enable it in files.c
before compiling, otherwise your database will fail to load.
The reason for this is that, as Rui Mendes pointed out, filechmod() isn't
fully needed for normal use, but it could help a cracker to create a
security hole.

FUP is available from, in /pub/software/MOOsupport/FUP.
The file FUP1.7-1.7.8p4.tar.Z includes just the FUP files, for you to
install into a LambdaMOO-1.7.8p4 server.
The file MOOFUP1.7-1.7.8p4.tar.Z is a full LambdaMOO1.7.8p4 release, with
FUP1.7 already installed.
The file FUP1.7-1.7.9a1.tar.Z includes just the FUP files, for you to
install into a LambdaMOO-1.7.9alpha1 server.

As usual, comments to and/or
Plase mail us with info on your machine and OS if you use FUP.
Mail to with 'subscribe FUP yourname' to get
more frequent FUP updates and general FUP talk.


Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888

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