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winmoo's stability (was: Need help getting my own Moo up!!!!)

At 07:53 AM 9/3/96 PDT, Andrew wrote:
>At 04:00 AM 8/31/96 PDT, you wrote:
>I'm not all that familar with WinMOO, so I don't know the crash frequency,
>but it is a bad idea to just blindly use the database produced from a PANIC
>in place of a known useable database (ie, the one that you originially
>started with).

I've never had it crash, but that doesn't mean an automatic copy of the
panic file is a good idea :)

>>winmoo -log MyMOO.log -o MyMOO.db MyMOO.db 2000
>I would suggest writing the db to a different file, but that's personal

Same here, I run winmoo like this:

winmoo -o -l %1.log %1.db %2

where %1 is the base db name, and %2 is the port.

>Does having to use this loop mean that WinMOO does crash often?

No, it really doesn't.  I even loaded up a 21MB (on disk) db and had several
people connected  without any problems.
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