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        I am new in this MOO area. My previous experiences was mainly in
Free Text Information Retrieval for more than 4 years. As a result, it is
very natural for me to think of linking the HTTP server and the MOO server.

        The basic reason for me to think so is that MOO is different from
IRC in that MOO allows creation of objects in realtime besides interaction
and collaboration. This is excellent. These objects must be able to own
multimedia objects and being put onto a browser, like Netscape 3.0 or/and IE

        I have taken a soft look at the MOO source codes and got a feeling
that it is possible to merge both HTTP and MOO into one server, let me
called it MOO-HTTP server. Please advise me if this is not going to work.

        I am seeking for someones out there who had implemented the MOO-HTTP
server or likewise. Please kindly share with me your precious experiences.
Alternatively, you may like to give me some pointers and these are mostly
welcome. I will like to discuss with those who are interested in this area.

Soo Yin :)

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