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Re: LambdaMOO Upgrades to 1.8.0p5

Drat.  Upon restart, we see:

Sep 13 11:50:42: *** PARSER: Error in #109256:page:
Sep 13 11:50:42: ***            Unexpected EOF
Sep 13 11:50:42: *** READ_DB_FILE: Bad program header, i = 49210.
Sep 13 11:50:42: *** DB_LOAD: Cannot load database!

More data:  The last line of lambda.log was 
Sep 13 09:44:37: PANIC-DUMPING: Writing forked and suspended tasks...
after which it started writing the core file.  I guess it never
finished writing the .db file, instead failing while writing the
forked tasks (possibly with whatever same lossage caused the kill_task
(I presume) to bomb it out in the first place), but it was so confused
it decided to dump core instead of writing anything else in the log
file.  I was lulled into complacency about the unfinished log by the
fact that the disk was full---but really it stopped writing in the log
long before it started writing the core file (which it did get 200mb
of out, but of course that's only half.)

Guess it's time to restart from the checkpoint!  Hope *that*'s good!
(If not, baby, let's talk 1.7.9!)

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