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Server panics at Lambda

   I did a quick check an found that the player known as Kindlestick had
inflated 'imself to 8M. He'd done this @ BushMOO, (for which he's been
@toaded) is doin this @ Lambda an may be doin this @ other MOOs.
   I used the followin verb ta catch him:

@verb me:"bigobjs" none none none rd
@prog me:bigobjs
if (this.wizard)
this:tell("Searching the db for big things I can nuke.");
for onum in [1..tonum(max_object())]
  $command_utils:sin(5, tostr("Suspending on #", onum));
  thing = toobj(onum);
  if ($recycler:valid(thing) && $object_utils:has_prop(thing,
    oldsize = thing.object_size[1];
    size = time() - thing.object_size[2] < 3600 ? oldsize |
    size - oldsize > 1000 && this:tell($string_utils:nn(thing), " has
changed by ", $quinn_utils:byte_string(size - oldsize));
    size >= 30000 && this:tell($string_utils:nn(thing), "takes up ",

  Note that the above verb 'sumes you 'ported an corified Quinn's
utilities by (who else <grin>) Quinn.
*  "I do not give one snap of my fingers for a person who does not know * 
* more than one way to spell a word." -- Benjamin Franklin              *


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