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I have this recurring problem on GrassRoots MOO.  About ever six weeks 
notedit crashes and overwrites something or other.  What seems to patch 
it is setting $notedit.strmode to a set of sixteen 0's.  And 
$notedit.objects to a set of sixteen empty sets.  Then I got to do it 
over again in another six weeks.

We're running 1.8 and lambda.db.latest as of six months ago.  Is there any
patch to notedit flying around.  I've discussed this with some people
visiting the MOO from elsewhere and they tell me tales of the verb editor and
mailin editor doing similar things.  Fortunately those two have have
worked fine.  Any clues would be appreciated.

Happy Surfing,
               John Leone

GrassRoots MOO 8888
Gardener John

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