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Re: I would like to ask about automatic checkpoints of MOO.

At 11:19 PM 9/19/96 PDT, Masako Maeda wrote:
>	I have a trouble and question about automatic checkpoints of MOO.
>	My automatic checkpoints system works every 1 hour, 
>	as I set #0.dump_interval. And it works well at the beginning.
>	However about after a day, it stops and doesn't work at all.
>	Even if I do @shutdown, it doesn't work and I have lost many new data!
>	I tested it about three times and every time it occured.
>HOw can I fix this problem?
>	I am using the latest Lambda set, 1.8.0p5 & the latest core.

well... all I can ask is maybe the database is too large and you're out of
disk space. Is Kindlestick on your MOO? maybe he bloated your database so
much you don't have enough room to save it.

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