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Re: Multimedia MOOs: Grad Student Trauma

You should check out Pueblo, our multimedia MUD client, at  A few MOOs support its multimedia+3D protocols now.
The Pueblo protocol is published on our web page.  25 MUDs of various sorts
support the Pueblo protocol, and there are a few MUD server source bases
that have Pueblo-support built-in.

We have an unreleased Pueblo client which works as a plug-in, allowing you
to take advantage of Java on the client.  We also have Java support on the
server side in our Tribe MUD server.  These pieces are available in beta
form for future commercial products.  For non-commercial products, we
recommend that you use what we have now--the migration will be trivial when
we make the plug-in form more broadly available.

Dan Greening

At 02:17 PM 9/24/96 PDT, Kimberly Weiner wrote:
>Hello.  I'm a doctoral candidate who's trying to build a GUI MOO or a 
>WOO with clickable image maps for urban, at-risk kids.  I'm having a 
>devil of a time getting any real info to try & create a prototype.  
>The only semi working proto I've found in Chiba Moo, but it's pretty 
>lame.  Any specific people or urls I could get to to try & find some 
>expert advice on my nightmarish, but well-intentioned project?
>Kimberly Weiner

Dan Greening, Ph.D.  Chaco Communications, Inc.  10164 Parkwood Dr. Suite 8   408-865-0657 fax 865-0571   Cupertino, CA 95014
Create multimedia social spaces with Pueblo.

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