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Re: commands like " and ;

At 02:13 PM 10/3/95 PDT, Chris Black wrote:
>How would I make a verb act like the " alias for say and the ; 
>alias for eval?  There are two things I have to figure out about this 
>1. How I would add a verb to act that way no matter where you were, 
>like page, ie a global verb

If I understand this question, you can either put it on your body, if it's
just for you, or on a feature object, if it's for everyone.  The FO is
pretty easy to get going.

Mind your arg types, too.

>2. How do I get the verb to take what is adjacent to the command as 
>the args? (this is the hard part) I have been trying to get stuff so 
>you can have your args not seperated by a space but this doesn't seem 
>to work.

For example, to make a ! verb similar to "

@verb me:!* any any any rdx
@program me:!
msg = player:name() + " yells, \"" + verb[2..length(verb)] + " " +
tostr(@args) + "\";
player.location:announce_all(msg) ;

Note that this is an example, and may have bugs.. certainly you'd want to
test the length of verb, or you'll error if you type:

! blah blah
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