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Make MOO error

                My Name Is Erik Namtvedt,
          I am running a 386/25 with 8 megs of ram, 850 meg harddrive and
               linux 1.2.11...
        I've download LambdaMOO 1.7.8p4 from your site and
       I've spent the last few days trying to install it.
        I kept on getting erros saying I was missing files, so I reinstalled
    my GNU, C++ and G++ software and this cleared up the problems...
    however now it goes through and trys to compile number.o and stops and
   returns this error:
<-- edge of screen
numbers.o: In function 'bf_sqrt':
/data/lambda/MOO-1.7.8p4/numbers.c:186: undefined reference to 'sqrt'
make: *** [moo] Error 1
                                        Then gives me a command prompt again
    ... now I ran configure and it looked at everything and it said I could
   use NP_SINGLE NP_TCPIP etc... it listed 6 of 'em... 
    I know nothing of C, im a pascal loser, so if you have patches or
   instructions on how to FIX this problem please let me know...
     Happy MOOin'  - Erik

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