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MCP - references?


I am starting to use the MCP now to provide local editing in my MOO client.
I have some documentation on mcp - mostly what you can get out of help
files in JHM and so. Is there any other documentation out there?

Here is the problem I have rigth now:

When logging into JHM I see that the MOO sends a line #$# mcp version 1.0
or something like that.

So I thought the client probably has to react to that line with a
@edit-option +local.  But is that +local automatically reset to -local on
logout? Or is that something I have to implement myself?

Then: What about these autentication keys. Do I really need them? I have
the impression they are pretty unnecessary if you want to support only
local edit windows...

Are there any other things I should know that are mentioned nowhere in the
help files.
Thanks for any hints and infos,


                     Andreas Dieberger
            Juggler@{TechMOO, JHM, MediaMOO}
"I don't even have an email address. I have reached an age
   where my main purpose is _not_ to receive messages."
                                            -- Umberto Eco

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