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Re: Hot to bing the $registration_db up to date?

>>>> How do I get the $registration_db up-to-date?

>>> I've always wondered why $registration_db doesn't have a :load method like
>>> $player_db does... Perhaps a modification of $player_db:load would suffice.

>> $registration_db contains data which isn't stored on the player object, and
>> thus a :load would necessarily result in lost data.  Unless it merely added
>> to the existing data.  Hm.

> I can mistake, but doesn't player.email_address the same data?
> so it is possible, but everyone should have an email address in it,
> otherwise it wouldn't work.

$registration_db also stores information like whether a dead player was reaped
or MOOicided, or whether two players sharing an email address are perhaps two
separate individuals.  It -can- store any information you choose to store there,
but in LambdaCore those two examples are actually stored in $registration_db
and nowhere else.

Seth I. Rich
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