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Re: Ansi in a moo

On Sun, 15 Oct 1995, Edward Goff wrote:

> I know it can be done I've seen it done and talked to wizards about a patch..
> What I need to get know is any and all info from anyone who can help me.
> I want to install ansi in my moo but don't have the patch (getting it 
There are three ways that I know of to get the characters needed for ANSI 
into the DB.  One of them is with the char() patch which I believe has 
been posted here many times so it's probably in the archive, if not in 
the FAQ already.  The second is to use FUP, but if you don't already have 
that installed it's probably not worth it just to get an escape 
character.  And the third way is to set a property to something like 
<----ESCAPE----> and then shut down the MOO, load the DB into an editor, 
and replace that with an escape character.  This is the fastest and 
easiest way as long as you have a relatively small DB.
> soon I belive) and not sure what to program how.. have heard it done via 
> a PC and heard it done in the DB . Ok whats faster and better.. in-db 
> parsing for the ansi or a PC on demand.? 
I'm not sure what you mean by using in-db parsing, but I've made an ANSI 
system on EnigMOO that's composed of 4 objects.  An ANSI PC, an ANSI 
utility package, an ANSI options package, and an ANSI help database.  It 
seems to be working very well and it's pretty fast now that everything is 
using regexps.  The only problem is that it's extremely hard to port 
because of all the core verbs (mostly on $string_utils) I had to hack to 
get all the columnizing to work right but I'm working on it.  Feel free to 
drop by EnigMOO ( 7777) and check out 'help ansi-intro'.

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