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PREFIX and SUFFIX with suspend

Number one on my wish list right now is a better solution for clients to parse
output for functions that suspend.  Here's the problem.  If a function
suspends, your output looks like:

output before suspend
output after suspend

This means it's really hard for a client to use prefix and suffix to separate
output from functions that suspend.  I would be happier if you could make
it something like:

PREFIX <taskid>
output before suspend
SUFFIX <taskid; intermediate tag>
output from other functions
PREFIX <taskid; intermediate tag>
output after suspend
SUFFIX <taskid>

I could even do this myself by hacking suspend_if_needed if it were possible
to change the prefix and suffix from within a function.  (Am I right that
that's not possible now?)

Is this a good solution?  Are there any other solutions I've missed?


-- Amy,

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