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Re: patchs and add on's

On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Alex Stewart wrote:

> > I've noticed reccenlty via chats with fellow wizards and reading this 
> > news group there are a lot of patchs out there you can add and alot of 
> > ftp sites to go to.. Well my question is does anyone havea full list of 
> > both of them.. I don't have any for the record but would like to look at 
> > and see what is availble to mod the code with..
> All patches to the MOO server program which I am aware of are available at the
> Semi Official MOO Patch Repository and Archive:
> in the /users/ri/riche/MOO/patches directory.
> -R
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I know of some non-patching MOO-tinkering C-code.  I got them from a 
long-time MOO wizard and even longer time C-Code hacker.  The code is 
meant to be added (in some cases, replacing old code) to such files as 
'server.c'.  Here's a summary of what some of the code does:

- Add a 'sneak()' builtin, used to input direct commands.  A good use is 
the ability to control another player, without opening a new connection.

- Prevent wizards from geting booted from MOO-code.  This is handy if you 
have wizs who write volatile verbs, but forget to add some perms 
checking.  Included in this code is a '.quit' builtin so that wizards may 

- Prevent hacking of .wizard bits.  This has been seen done before.  
There are two parts to this code:  Prevent anyone but wizards from 
hacking a wizbit, or prevent EVERYONE from hacking a wizbit.  The latter 
one may be used if you don't plan to hire any more wizards.

- Prevent newting or toading of a wizard.  Also good if you have a
'mischevious' wizard on your staff.

- Also included is some code to make 'connected_seconds()' wiz only.  
Here's why you'd use this code:  It's not very difficult to change the 
MOO's connected-players system, to allow exeptions when viewing who's 
on-line.  To do this, use your $server_options (if you use it at all) to 
disallow use of connected_players() and idle_seconds() 
(connected_seconds() on $server_options gums up your MOO).  Then make 
some new verbs such as $wiz_utils:connected_players() and 
$object_utils:connected_players() and add some checks to see if a wiz is 
invisible (use a property).  If you want an example of all this type of 
code, check out LakeMOO ( or SchoolNet MOO 

Whew, well I've said enough.  If you want some of this code (and if you 
know your C and UNIX), mail me, and tell me what code you want.

The Raptor

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