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Re: ADMIN/PROG: create() quota probs

On Wed, 18 Oct 1995, Zebee Johnstone wrote:

> My moo runs on byte quota.

The MOO server wasn't designed to use byte-quota, so all the odd things 
you're seeing is because of the byte-quota things in the LambdaCore.   
$recycler:_create() was designed so wizzes cana have a little more 
control over who creates what... (based on their remaining quota).  Since 
you're trying to use create(), I also assume you're using recycle()...  
that leaves holes in your database...  which isn't a problem, but just a 
pain for programmers who write grepping things...  So, instead of 
create() and recycle(), use $recycler:_create() and 
$recycler:_recycler().  They work the same way...

> Using @create by me or anyone else seems fine, but when I try
Notice the code in @create uses $recycler...
> to use create() I run into a quota problem.
> it appears that create() checks player.ownership_quota which
> is -10000 for me, the other wizzes and random players I
> checked.
So no out-of-byte-quota player can use create() to bypass his or her 
quota limits.

> Is there some way to fix this so I can use create()?  Will I break
> something if I change that property?  Is there a proper
> way to change it?
For create(), no, nothing will break, but something may, if you use 
recycle().  $recycler:_create will give you object numbers of recycled 
objects... thus 'recycling' them :)  create() will /always/ raise the 
max_object() up one.

- Kipp


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