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Need programmers

Hi, I am interested in creating a MOO which would be a virtual Tujunga (San
Fernando Valley, CA).  My theory is to take actual maps of the city, and
actual statistics and program them into the MOO.  I would like to get all the
residents in Tujunga to wear GPS boxes and hidden microphones and earphones
which would transmit their conversations and position into the MOO.  So, a
person visiting the MOO would see people walking around, talking, etc.  A
speech-to-text (and vice-versa) program would allow communication between
the "real" and "virtual" people.

I have some hardware I can throw at this project (4 Pentium 100, 98MB RAM each,
18 GB Raids each, Diamond MPEG cards with 2MB each, etc.).  I only need
programmers.  I need to modify the server to do parallel tasking and
distributed databasing.  Please write to me if you are interested.
T. Pascal, King of Pascal    |
4527 Avocado St.             |  Please note:  There are two different .sigs
Los Angeles, CA 90027        |  exactly like this one.


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