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Downgrading from LambdaMOO 1.7.9p1 to 1.7.8p4

Some sites have been having serious problems with the 1.7.9p1 release,
experiencing fairly regular server panics somehow related to the new
implementation of match().  To allow those sites, and any others, to revert to
using 1.7.8p4, I am sending out the following patch.

NOTE: Make this patch to 1.7.8p4, thereby allowing it to read the database
      files created by 1.7.9p1.  DO NOT attempt to apply this patch to 1.7.9p1.

In file eval_vm.c, in the function read_vm(), replace these lines:

	    i = fscanf(f, "%u %d %u\n", &(the_vm->top_activ_stack), 
		       &(the_vm->root_activ_vector), &(the_vm->func_id));
	    if (i != 3) {

with these:

	    if (fscanf(f, "%u %d %u", &(the_vm->top_activ_stack), 
		       &(the_vm->root_activ_vector), &(the_vm->func_id)) != 3
		|| ((j = fgetc(f)) == ' '
		    ? fscanf(f, "%u", &j) != 1 || fgetc(f) != '\n'
		    : j != '\n')) {

I have restored a copy of 1.7.8p4 to the normal distribution site:

I have in hand a new release of the pattern-matching code used in 1.7.9p1, and
am currently working on interfacing it to the server.  If this work and my
subsequent testing go satisfactorily, I should be able to release 1.7.9p2 in
the very near future.


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