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Re: Help! (Was: LambdaMOO server release 1.7.9p2)

Michael Kraus writes:
> ...I went away for the weekend...
> ...When I got back, and tried to connect this is the message I got...
> #20:connection_hostname_new, line 2:  Invalid indirection
> ... called from #20:connection_hostname, line 2
> ... called from #0:do_login_command, line 11
> (End of traceback)

I recommend shutting down the server (using the UNIX `kill -INT' command) and
then restarting it in `emergency wizard mode', by giving the `-e' flag to the
`moo' command:
	mv myMOO.db
	./moo -e myMOO.db

Then you can inspect the code of #20:connection_hostname_new, try to figure out
why it's failing, and fix it.



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