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Re: downgrading to an older server? (fwd)

After sending this message, I found out I didn't send it to MooCows but just replied to the person who asked the question, so here goes:

> Is it OK to downgrade from 1.7.9p1 back to 1.7.8p4?  Does the new server
> version change the db in ways that will mess up the old server?

It is possible to downgrade, at least I was able to do it with 1.7.9alpha, the only problem is that the two versions of the server seem to save the tasks differently, so, what I did was to comment the line 551 of the file storage.c so that the server does not die off when it cannot load the tasks correctly.

    log("LOADING: Reading forked and suspended tasks...\n");
    if (read_task_queue(f) < 0) {
        errlog("DB_READ: Can't read task queue.\n");
        /* return -1; */ <-- This is the line to comment out.
    return 0;

You then compile this server, load the 1.7.9 database with it, shutdown after it loads the database and take that database into your regular 1.7.8p4 server.

It is a dumb fix of course, but it is quick and works, you will lose part of the tasks which were running, but that is not too bad.


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