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Re: another panic with 1.7.9p1

> Here's some info from the core file:
> (dbx) where
> warning: core file read error: address not in data space
> _sigtramp() at 0xf7732c4c
> rx_handle_cache_miss(), line 4051 in "code/MOO-1.7.9p1/rx.c"
> rx_cache_malloc_or_get(), line 3128 in "code/MOO-1.7.9p1/rx.c"

Wait a minute.. something's wrong here.. I just looked at my code for 
MOO-1.7.9p1/rx.c, and line 3128 is a call to rx_cache_get(), _not_
rx_handle_cache_miss() (could you verify this in your source, Amy?)..
moreover, looking through the entire rx_cache_malloc_or_get() function (there
isn't much of it), I can't find any way that it could conceivably get from
that function directly to rx_handle_cache_miss()..

This is beginning to smell of stack corruption.. ick.

     Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."

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