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Re: 1.7.9p1 match()/rmatch()

Kai Storbeck writes:
> we are having the same problems as Amy, our server crashes sevreral times 
> a day, on match().
> will there be a patchlevel 2 soon? or is it wise to downgrade to 1.7.8?

I have in hand a new release of the regexp package used in 1.7.9p1 and I'm in
the process of testing it to see whether or not I can slip it into 1.7.9p2
instead of the current, older one.  If I can, I hope to release 1.7.9p2 later
today.  (As a bonus, it is claimed that this release also fixes the nasty
exponential performance bug in the older version.)

Downgrading to 1.7.8p4 is non-trivial, but possible with a patch to 1.7.9p1, to
make it produce a DB file that 1.7.8p4 can read.  If I can't make a 1.7.9p2
release today or tomorrow, I'll write up that patch instead.

Sorry for the problems,


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