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Re: Recommended reading

At 08:00 PM 10/2/96 PDT, "Robert J. Brown" <> wrote:
>Yes, a LOOOOONG time ago (almost 20 years), but I don't *DO* MUDs!
>Never did.  I am interested in setting up a MOO as a conferencing
>environment, but not as an RPG or anything like that.

I think a distinction needs to be made between gaming MUDs (where in my
experience, users are there for the reason of playing the game) and social
MUDs (such as most MOOs are, where users are there for the sole reason to
talk to each other).  Gaming MUDs also have relatively stricter rules
concerning using the system for playing the game, where as on social MUDs,
it's a free for all.  I've seen few instances of people causing the problems
described in the original post on RPG/gaming MUDs, but we are hit with
trouble makers all the time in the social MUD world.


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