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new(?) ownership concept

I've been thinking about a new ownership system for my RPG moo core. I'm
calling it Fuzzy ownership because i think that describes it best :) 
The easiest way to start to describe this is with the phrase 'possesion is
9/10ths of the law'
What i want to do is make it possible for people to just pick up something
and it belongs to them. where they can start to add/change/delete verbs on
it as if they had created it.
I do plan of a few restrictions:
wizard-owned verbs or objects cannot be taken.
i guess i'll have to some kind of code proof safe that this rule doesn't
apply to...

so...while i'm still thinking this through...who wants to be first to
point out reasons not to do this? and what is wrong with it like you guys
do about everything else i suggest to the list ;)

also, who was it recently that was working on the exits thing? i'd like to
talk to me :)

Alpha 2 of the PositronicMOO core and a complete update of the moo's
web pages will be availiable tomorrow at
check for it. If you download or are interested in the project drop me
some email i'm curious of this project's interest.

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